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We are Charlotte's Premier Junk Removal Specialist. Our services include residential junk removal, commercial junk removal, construction site clean up, home preservation, gravel grading, yard grading, back filling, swimming pool removal, dirt, gravel, mulch delivery and light demolition such as swings sets and sheds.

About The Owner

Mario Hoover
Founder & CEO

About Clutter Me Not  Junk Removal Services. Let us have a look at the background of this very affordable and remarkable story of the Clutter Me Not Junk Removal service in Charlotte.

About Clutter Me Not Junk Removal Services

Mario Hoover was born and raised in the beautiful city of Charlotte.  He prides himself as the Founder & CEO of Clutter Me Not! Junk Removal Service.  It is a small business with great impact, giving back to the local community, one project at a time. Mr. Hoover has a heart for people.  What drives Mario to walk through the process of transition and change that Clutter Me Not! exists to facilitate, is his ability to stand in the midst of what “is”, all the while envisioning what “could be.”

Mario shares his reason for establishing Clutter Me Not.  “It’s the interaction with the people and their reaction to their new space.” This is what keeps him going – knowing that, whether he is serving a moving family or a growing business, he has the incredible opportunity and honor of playing a part in someone’s journey towards a new chance and a new beginning.

Mario is a determined visionary and faithful family man. He knows exactly and strives to provide what it takes to get your job done. As the Founder and CEO, he is always seeking to create and build long-lasting, trustworthy relationships and partnerships along the way.

About Clutter Me Not? Clutter Me Not Junk Removal is the best Affordable Junk Removal Service in Charlotte North Carolina.

We are certainly a trustworthy team.  Our team is absolutely dedicated to serving you with patience, kindness, and determination. The team sincerely understand the stress and frustration that moving and change can bring.  This is the very reason why we show up on time, motivated, and prepared to stay until the job is complete.  Clutter Me Not team believes in working with excellence.  Each member of the team is moved by the passion that we witness from the lives of our clients. It is our drive and their motivation that reminds us of and excites us about what we are doing.

We offer competitive, reasonably priced rates. We always strive to provide quick turnarounds. We know that who we are is shown by what we do.  We also hope that you will see just that as you entrust your needs to us. Call us today. We look forward to serving you!

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